Histology of Birds



The website ‘www.histology-of-birds.ugent.be’ was developed to provide a summarized online atlas of microscopic images of avian organs and tissues. Samples were usually taken from chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) and feral pigeons (Columba livia). Most histological slides were prepared at the Department of Morphology, Ghent University, under the direction of prof. dr. W. Van den Broeck. Tissue sampling and photography was done by veterinarian M. Van den Broeck, unless mentioned otherwise. The Latin terminology as described in Nomina Anatomica Avium is used, unless mentioned otherwise.

All images on this site may be reproduced, adapted, published and distributed for non-commercial purposes. Acknowledgement of this website or its author and maintaining the specification on the images would be appreciated.

This website is still in progress. Please submit comments, error reports or questions to the author.



Veterinarian Martine Van den Broeck works at the Department of Morphology of the faculty of veterinary medicine, Ghent University.

Contact: martine.vandenbroeck@ugent.be      



Special thanks goes to Lobke de Bels and Liliane Standaert of the Department of Morphology, Ghent University  for preparing most of the slides; to the staff of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University for digitizing the slides and to prof. dr. I. Brouns, University of Antwerp for her encouragement and support.